our guests contacted us and asked us to arrange the wedding for them. They said Shantaa is their dream location. We had never done a wedding before. We only attended weddings as guests over the years. So arranging one never cross our mind. But the guests insisted. And we couldn't turn them down. And it all started from there.

We felt the weight was on our shoulder because wedding is a very important occasion, probably once in a lifetime. It's the big day. The problem was Shantaa is far from everything. Flowers are not even available on the island. We were afraid that the wedding wouldn't turn out to be as beautiful as the couple had dreamed of.

So we started to work on their wedding months in advance. Everything needed to be ordered from Bangkok and the mainland. That's why a good planning was very important. We exchanged a lot of emails with the couple to updated the progress and informed them what could be done and what couldn't. We paid attention to every detail.

The big day came. We were really nervous and pretty excited, no less than the couple were.

The setting and the flowers were beautiful. The lights were just nice. The sun was about to set. It’s just the perfect moment. And finally, it's time to say, "I do".

We looked at the couple and all the guests. We knew that we did it. The couple came to us and said that they were impressed with our work and were very happy with what we arranged.

The weight that we carried for months was lifted. We felt very happy. Then, we promise ourselves that if we have to take another wedding, we will do our best to make their wedding memorable.

Since then, we tailored many wedding to fit the dreams of each couples. We sought out specific materials from various places to make the wedding to be as close to their dream as possible.

From that day until now, we were still excited with each and every wedding that we arranged.

Shantaa is very happy to arrange a dream wedding for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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