Shantaa is a hindi word which means tranquility. Our idea is to create a peaceful place for city people to get away from their busy everyday life.

"If you don’t want to wake up among hundreds of people, we are just the place you are looking for."

On 35 rais (13.88 acres) property, we represent you with a limited number of comfortable seaside accommodations located in the pristine environment. Guests reside in private villas, quaint on the outside but comfortable within. You will wake up to the gentle breeze rustling through the coconut trees.

'There will be no disturbance, no stress, just a memorable experience with pure relaxation and wonderful accommodation surrounded by the nature.'

To help you cut off from the busy world, we purposely left out some of electrical appliances that make nuisance city noise.

Staying with us will be your perfect vacation that you always dream of. And here, we take pride in providing the best individualized services possible. Our friendly staffs and partners will be there to ensure that you will have a lovely vacation.

'Just come here, be lazy and you can leave the rest to us. Imagine yourself with your favorite books on our deck or at the beach bar. I think you will love it here.'


We have been in and out of the Koh Kood for so many years. In fact, we were actually born on the island.
We grew up and work in Bangkok. Every time we feel tired and drained from work, we usually go back to our home here. Back then, there was no electricity. It was extremely quiet and peaceful. It was like the time had stopped. We felt so rested.

Our love ones and friends also felt the same way. They kept asking us to take them along whenever we went back again. Then we came to think that it would be nice if we could share this feeling with the others and this was how “Shantaa” has begun.in 2004.

In 2013, Shantaa adding new room. At the same time we are adding more land. So there is still no disturbance, no stress, just a memorable experience with pure relaxation and wonderful accommodation surrounded by the nature.

Shantaa is a family-owned resort. It is designed to have only a few villas to limit the number of guests at a time. With a small number of guests, we are able to take care of all the guests like we are taking care of our friends. For this reason, Shantaa turns out to be warm, quiet and peaceful as we intended to. We are best for anyone who wants to escape from their busy city life.

Many of our guests told us that it’s very easy to stay here at Shantaa. They didn’t feel like staying in a hotel at all. That’s probably because we are unique in our own way. We don’t grade ourselves with stars and we don’t have much of the hotel’s traditions and procedures. Our staffs are mostly the people of Koh Kood. And now, we are proud to say that we are one of the best small resorts of Thailand.

Please do not hesitate to let us know what you want while you are with us, we will try our best to make your vacation as pleasant as we can.

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